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                      Welcome to visit Shandong Zhengzhou Machinery Co., Ltd.


                      Zhengzhou Machinery

                      Mobile web site

                      Tel:86-534-4381761 / 4383281 / 4381126  E-mail:zhengzhou@zhengzhoutools.com Website:www.zhengzhoutools.com

                      Copyright ? 2018 Shandong Zhengzhou Machinery Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Powered by www.300.cn 魯ICP備06005012號

                      Tel:86-534-4381761 / 4383281 / 4381126


                      Add: No. 121, East Guangming Avenue, Pingyuan County, Shandong Province

                      Company Profile


                      Zheng Zhou Machinery Co ., LTD, founded in 1958 was a state-owned factory specialized in production of machine tools and accessories. In 1999 it became a limited liability company and in 2011 as a joint incorporation company, on March 30, 2012 succeeds in listing at  Qilu Equity Exchange Stock market and it was approved by CSRC into New OTC market in 2014 .


                      The company mainly produces various of spring chuck, milling chuck,drill chuck,center,sleeve,dividing head,boring head,rotary worktable,quick change tool post, grinding wheel dressing device, tool holder,precision vise, sharpening machine, all sorts of measuring tools and all kinds of other products, which are sold to the United States,Germany,Britain,France, Italy,the Netherlands, Canada, India,Brazil,southeast Asia,and more than ffty countries and regions.


                      The company acquired export license from 1995, China Quality Certificate for Export from 1997, ISO9002 management certificate in 1999.“High Technology Enterprises of Shandong Province”. We established “Enterprise technology center Shandong province”,“Zheng Zhou”brand has been rated as“Shandong Famous Trademark”, “China machine tool accessories famous brand”,“China famous brand”


                      Depending on the establishment of the ERP, with delicacy management, the company always carry out “Rely on sincerity, Develop on quality” the factory-running guiding principle, always adhere to the “Prefer concessions on proft than on market, on price than on quality”as the marketing strategy to supply products according to standards from Germany,Japan, USA, etc.


                      President Sun Baorui, On behalf of Zhengzhou machinery CO., LTD. sincerely hopes to establish close business relations with domestic and foreign traders to develop the mutual economic cooperation jointly and promote

                      Company Profile
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